Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Grand Gesture

I know, it's been awhile, and I apologize.  I even have some coupon hauls to share- but I'll do that this weekend when I have more to share at one time.

Lately, hubs and I have been doing a lot of soul searching.  A lot of talking and reconnecting and making a stronger bond.

Corny, I know.:)

However- there are times (even if they are fleeting) when most (I would say all, even though some of you would deny it and lie to yourselves, lol) of us feel like something is missing, or at the very least wish something were different... Even in the best of relationships.   Call it "grass is greener" syndrome (or whatever), but you should know what I am talking about.   (You honestly should have seen how many parenthesis I deleted out of that paragraph *before* I published this post!!)

I had a moment like that earlier.  Tonight I had the computer with me in the kitchen while cooking dinner and revisited this post. Like last time, I smiled and had the intended 'feel-good' moment the video was supposed to provide.  Then, YouTube (in it's infinite wisdom) suggested the below video:

This made me all sappy and female as well.  Then, well, I had one of those moments.  The "I kinda wish our proposal was like that..." moments.  I realized then what I my inner 16 year old was wishing for was...

...The Grand Gesture.

How many laws would this be breaking today?

Then I remembered.  Duh, I had the Grand Gesture.  The man I love hopped on a plane leaving all he knew for me.  And not just that, but he repeats the Gesture all the time.

Every time he puts the kids and I first.  Every time he goes out in the evenings to make us more money and provide above and beyond our "Day" jobs.  Every time he talks me out of my crazy, or does something incredibly random- but perfect. 

This is the man who lets me sleep in (when possible) on weekends and makes me coffee when I can't crack open my eyelids.  Who helps with the leg rub I have to do w/ my Lipedema when I know it kills him to make me cry.  The man who puts up with my insane way of jumping in all or nothing ("Hey hon, I am going to start couponing. Extreme style.  All at once.  Got any scissors?").  And he still loves me.

Right now as I type he is at a training session learning how to hone his craft- because he promised me this morning that he was going to qualify for the next big trip to Hawaii.  Instead of a freshly made dinner he'll be heating his plate when he gets home trying to tell me all he learned in between bites of his mushy peas (don't hate on that- the man *loves* him some mushy peas... Weirdo.)

I think it's a Grand Gesture enough that I snuggle with him after he's eaten THIS... ;)

His birthday is tomorrow.  While I ordered him the absolute BEST cake ever from Mouthful of Joy (will def post pics tomorrow), I cannot accurately give him something that represents how much he means to me.  Because it doesn't exist.

But that's okay.  And so are we. :)



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Faith in Humanity Restored. :)

And on a light note- I ran across this video today, and it's absolutely amazing.

Where, Oh Where, to Begin?

By posting this pic, on Facebook last night, and chatting briefly about my little haul (which made me feel sooooo much better after my little rant last time), I have come to realize that there are others that want to get started, too.  So- other than the good old Sunday paper, and printing from online, I ran across this little gem of a link thanks to Jennifer.

This link gives nearly 175 manufacturer websites to contact so they can send you free coupons.  I'll fill you in on who gets back with me.

Keep clipping!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Clip... Clip... CLIP!!!!

I realize at this point there are few if anyone reading this blog other than Hubs- who is legally required to do so.

That being said, I need to vent a moment.  Hopefully, in 5 yrs, when someone Google's "coupon mental breakdown", here I'll be. (Ha!)

My coupon journey is quite short.  As in, I have been couponing 2 weeks.  Well, actually, I have been collecting coupons for two weeks.  I have yet to actually *purchase* anything.  Maybe this is part of the problem... lol

But the collection of coupons is driving me mad.  Certifiably insane.  My dear, sweet cousin Jennifer (my couponing partner in crime) offered me quite a few words of encouragement today, and to be honest the light at the end of the tunnel does indeed seem a little brighter... But I am still a little stressed.

Meh, I'll stop ranting.  Will (hopefully) have pics to share of a future haul at a later point in time. :)


Monday, January 14, 2013

Abandon Sanity, All Ye Who Enter Here

I have been on several journeys as of late, and it has been pointed out that it would be easier for friends to follow them all if they were in one place- as opposed to scattered across Facebook, Pinterest, OAMM, Ravelry, etc.

So, here you will find mentions of crafts and food that did or did not work, anecdotes that maybe only I find funny, and general musings.  It will (mostly) be light hearted, but there will be the occasional mention of Real Life issues- such as my husbands epilepsy or my lipedema and lymphedema.

As the title suggests there will be a little bit of everything ...And the Kitchen Sink.